Minimal configuration

Windows XP / Vista and 7
350 MHz processor (500 MHz recommended)
64 MB RAM (128 MB recommended)
400 MB available hard disk space
Direct Sound compatible sound card
13 MB 3D video card / compatible Direct 3D

Download patch
Fixed bug near the Giant Komkolzgrad.
Fix the slow movement of characters on computers with Intel Pentium 4 HyperThreading or Xeon.

/!\ * This update builds on the previous /!\
Fix some bugs (problem (s) bound (s) in dialogues; slowdowns on laptops etc.)

"Roll" bug and other problems

For this problem try this :
Rename the 3 files from the ../Syberia/Video/AN directory this way :
C10_hansanna.syb → ANC10_hansanna.syb
C5_hansanna.syb → ANC5_hansanna.syb
C2_hansannab.syb → ANC2_hansannab.syb
(Just adding “AN” in the beginning of the filename).
Copy these files in the Syberia/Video directory.
Play the game.

so, you can try to install the 3 Patchs, extract and run the patch.

And if your problem persist, you can use savegames :

Extract the files, and copy them in the “Syberia Saves” repertory of the game.

Path for Vista where you must copy the files C:\Users\Name profil\Documents\Syberia Saves


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