LiveCAD Softwares

Minimum System Requirements

Windows ® XP (32 bit), Vista ® (32 bit), Windows Seven ® (32 bit)
CPU - 2 GHz
1 GB Ram
Available disk space: 1.4 GB
Supported Video cards: NVIDIA GeForce ® 6600 or ATI ® X1600 with 128MB supporting pixel shaders and vertex shaders 3.0
DirectX9c or higher
Internet connection
The program is a 32-bit software and is not officially supported on Windows 64-bit.

Problem downloading - File is corrupt

This problem is linked to a download error.

- If the problem appaers with the demo version:
download the software on this page:

- If it is a commercial version:
You can download again the software for free.
To do this you need to login on the homepage of the site to gain access to “Your Account”.
You will then find in the “My Products” button for direct download.

Files and links are checked and are valid.
This problem can sometimes occur due the large file size (1GB).
We invite you to redownload the file, if necessary to insist, perhaps by testing another browser and make sure you select “Save” or “Save As” when starting the download, and not “run” for example.

If the problem persists two solutions:

-Use a download manager that can handle the cuts, for example:

-Use the links below:
you must save all files in the same folder (important), then run the EXE file to extract the setup file. You just have to run this file.

Key does not work LiveCad

Please ensure that the key is ok, beware of “o” and “0” to “l” and “1” etc.

Fatal Error - Malfunction LiveCad

In 95% of cases this error is caused by hardware incompatibility, especially in graphics cards, make a dxdiag (see general FAQs) and check that your graphics card matches the minimum indicated at the top of this page.
Intel integrated cards are not compatible and 64-bit systems are not certified, we can assume configurations equipped with these components.

IMPORTANT: If your configuration is compatible download and update drivers for your card on the websites of manufacturers (see FAQs General PC) and we suggest to apply the Windows XP compatibility mode.

You can also send your Dxdiag the support

Problem with catalogs of objects, no catalog

We invite you to do this to restore the catalog:
- tab “window”
- click on “parameter bar”

Missing Tools in Vista / 7

Please follow the procedure below if you are using Windows Vista:
- Start, then Control Panel
- Switch to Classic View (left)
- Go to User Accounts
- Then click Enable or Disable User Account Control.
- UAC asks for confirmation, click Continue.
- In the new window from opening, uncheck Use User Account Control to help protect your computer and click OK.
- To ensure that changes are made, you will be asked to reboot the computer.

If you use Windows 7, please follow the instructions below:
- Start, then Control Panel
- Switching to Large Icons displays the top right
- Go to Users
- Click on Edit User Account Control
- Lower the slider to turn off security for user accounts
- Click Apply, and restart your computer

Reset a Key

Please send an email to with the email/login of LiveCAD account concerned and/or key to reset.

User guide

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