Minimum System Requirements

Windows ® XP / Vista ™ (32bit)
Pentium ® III 1.8 GHz
256 MB RAM
128 MB 3D accelerator card
2GB of free space on the hard disk

I have no icon Terrain - 3D Interior designer

This version is for the interior as its name suggests, there is not all functions present in the more advanced versions.
The manual in turn is the same for the whole range, which explains why this function appears in it.

The software runs slowly

Check the configuration (see DXDIAG) and update your drivers, do then MSConfig to see if a resident programs do not monopolize too many resources.
IMPORTANT: Users often commit the “error” to open too many 2D/3D views, check in the Project column on the right of the screen if there are multiple views open and close up views No have a 2D and 3D view. Possibly leaving a sectional view open if necessary, and check if the software works better.

The second vertical bar is gone, I can not give it

Sometimes when moving the vertical toolbar on the left this “kind” from the screen, or wipes. It is difficult to put it back in original condition. Here's a way to reset the toolbars of the software:
Go to Control Panel> Folder Options> View> Hidden Files and Folders> tick Show. Then go to My Computer
C: \ Users \ windows * Profile * \ AppData \ Local \ CygniCon (Vista / 7).
C: \ Documents and Settings \ * profile * Windows \ Local Settings \ Application Data \ CygniCon (XP).
Delete the file: userConfig.xml
Restart the program.

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