Minimal configuration

Windows XP / Vista and 7
Pentium 166 MHz (200 MHz recommended)
16 MB of RAM
3D Video Card
Sound card 16-bit

A black screen at launch

In case of problems during the launch of Necronomicon (black screen or freeze), please install the latest version of Quicktime:
> Download Quicktime 7 <
* Once downloaded, installing software

bug of the "briefcase"

Before any handling it is recommended to make a backup copy of your save files, they are normally found in the installation folder of the game C: \ program files (or programs) \ Microids \ Necronomicon, copy the files names begin with “Saved” (files .bin).

Then download this Pack: save
Open it with winzip (or whatever) and follow the instructions :

With old version, perhaps you must reinstall game :

- First, uninstall Necronomicon /!\

> Click on Start (Windows or symbol in the bottom left of your screen)
> My Computer (or Computer)
> Enter “Local Disk (C:)”
> Then enter in “Program files”
> Find the folder “Microids” (alphabetical order)
> In this case this is a subfolder called “Necronomicon”
> Please delete this folder, then reinstall your game
> Once reinstalled, place the backup in the directory of the game
> Play your game, then load the only part available.

With new version or Steam version, try to replace the save without uninstall and reinstall game, it's not necessary. The game folder on Steam is : …\Steam (or Steam library)\SteamApp\Common\…

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