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Problem at launch or dysfunction of the application

Please keep your device and the App updated, then if the problem persists try to free resources on your device (see below), and finally in case of persistent please tell us system version installed (Menu settings> General> information> version) and if the App is in its final version (to date).

-Double tap the home button
-A bar appear at the bottom of the screen with icons for all the applications that are stored on the device.
-(Update) iOS 7+ : drag windows up to close.
-Press again to return HOME to your home screen.
-Restart the application.

For Home Design 3D contact support@homedesign3d.net or support@liveCAD.net

Home Design 3D files are directly integrated into the application, if you reinstall the application you lose the projects that you have not emailed before (knowing that they can not be imported after a reinstall) or save in DropBox.

At first, before opting for a reinstall, you should clear the memory of the device in this way, it is usually enough to restart the application.

In all cases, it is recommended to avoid letting the application open in memory after use, use the instructions above to completely close Home Design 3D.

(To prevent problems when opening the application, especially with big projects, one trick is to close your current project and then open one composed of few elements, such as a single room empty before closing the application. When you will launch Home Design 3D this project will be loaded at opening, which will minimize the risks).

Download and reinstall the application

Like any product purchased from the Apple Store you can download and install it as many times as you like without having to pay again, just use the same iTunes account that when buying and you will receive an message like: “you have already purchased this product …”.

For free versions upgraded to full or Gold version use the green icon and the “Restore pruchases” in shop, for the separate full versions use the blue icon, for HD versions use the same HD icon, and for gold versions use the “yellow” icon.

In addition, if you want to retrieve packs of objects already purchased, you just go to the store (with shopping cart icon) and press 'Restore purchases'. The purchase will unlock automatically.

If you encounter problems on this issue please contact Apple customer service.

UK : http://www.apple.com/uk/support/
All : http://www.apple.com/support/country/

Export and open a project with PC software (Architecture Premium)

Send the project by e-mail from your IPhone/IPad on your PC, save the file “ArchiEasy.project” attached to the email in a folder of your choice. Open the PC software and launch a new project, then go to File> import a ArchiEasy project and target your file.

Back up and sharing projects

You can save and share your projects between several iPad / iPhone using iCloud Apple system or Drop Box.

For this, you need to use the same iCloud account on both devices (Menu Settings > iCloud). In addition, you need also to enable the iCould function in Home Design 3D (Menu Settings > Home Design > Use iCloud).

On iOS you cannot save your project on your device. What we recommend is to export all your projects on Dropbox where they will be saved. You can use Dropbox, if you change your device (import feature) or want to share your project.

Problem with purchase "In-App" in freemium version

Buying the complete version of Home Design through the free version (In-App) unlocks the backup and save functions of the software only, the content remains the same.

Be sure to use the same Apple account for re-download the application (see above).

With in-app upgrades (gold or classic) you need to use the Free version and shop, the separate versions of these App are not linked to the shop, don't try to download, use the shop and restore option in case of reinstall.

With Gold in-app upgrade you can access to full content of the App, in case of problem please contact first Apple support.

Content Help

For content help, you can use help menu of the App, official web site www.homedesign3d.net , or forums and web sites.


Loss of projects

There is no way to recover the lost projects, normally this problem can occur if you reinstall the application or if you have not saved, or duplicated, your projects (forced saving).

Using iCloud feature also enables you to share projects between multiple devices.

If you are experiencing crashes please release resources following the guide of our FAQ:

To force the application to perform a backup, which is normally automated, use the Duplicate command or New Project of menu “Projects”. These commands will create a new project and switch to it while performing a backup of your current project.

Print a project

To print 2D plan you can send your plan by email and print the PDF file, or use the capture option of “Projects” menu (add to gallery), or the capture function of IPad (Home+on/off buttons press) to add a photo to IPad gallery.

In 3D view, you can use the menu to capture a photo or send it by email. And you can also use the capture function of IPad (Home+on/off buttons press) to add a photo to IPad gallery.

I can't add windows in separate walls ?

It's not possible for now, but on room walls you can add windows/doors.

How to save my project ?

To force the save of project (auto save by default) you can use the Duplicate or New project options of project Menu (when you add or duplicate a project the app save current project).

On iOS you cannot save your project directly on your device. What we recommend is to export all your projects on Dropbox where they will be saved. You can use Dropbox, if you change your device (import feature) or want to share your project.

Add a second floor

It's not possible for now, you can use several projects for the floors.

Add complex room

To create a room with more than 4 angles (marks), you can draw another room and append it to the first one. You will see that 2 new marks have been created. Edit them freely to fit your needs.

You have the possibility to delete an angle (marks) that you have created. To do so, tap on the point you want to suppress and drag it to the next mark. Both will merge in one.

Change day light and season in 3D view

Mode Detail > use the little SUN at top left of screen.

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