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 +====== Cygnicon ======
 +====== Minimum System Requirements ======
 +Windows ® XP / Vista ™ (32bit) \\
 +Pentium ® III 1.8 GHz \\
 +256 MB  RAM \\
 +128 MB 3D accelerator card \\
 +2GB of free space on the hard disk \\
 +DVD-ROM \\
 +====== I have no icon Terrain - 3D Interior designer ======
 +This version is for the interior as its name suggests, there is not all functions present in the more advanced versions. \\
 +The manual in turn is the same for the whole range, which explains why this function appears in it. \\
 +====== The software runs slowly ======
 +Check the configuration (see DXDIAG) and update your drivers, do then MSConfig to see if a resident programs do not monopolize too many resources. \\
 +IMPORTANT: Users often commit the "error" to open too many 2D/3D views, check in the Project column on the right of the screen if there are multiple views open and close up views No have a 2D and 3D view. Possibly leaving a sectional view open if necessary, and check if the software works better. \\
 +====== The second vertical bar is gone, I can not give it ======
 +Sometimes when moving the vertical toolbar on the left this "kind" from the screen, or wipes. It is difficult to put it back in original condition. Here's a way to reset the toolbars of the software: \\
 +Go to Control Panel> Folder Options> View> Hidden Files and Folders> tick Show. Then go to My Computer \\
 +C: \ Users \ windows * Profile * \ AppData \ Local \ CygniCon (Vista / 7). \\
 +or \\
 +C: \ Documents and Settings \ * profile * Windows \ Local Settings \ Application Data \ CygniCon (XP). \\
 +Delete the file: userConfig.xml \\
 +Restart the program. \\
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