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Minimal configuration

Windows XP / Vista and 7
Pentium 166 MHz (200 MHz recommended)
16 MB of RAM
3D Video Card
Sound card 16-bit

A black screen at launch

In case of problems during the launch of Necronomicon (black screen or freeze), please install the latest version of Quicktime:
> Download Quicktime 7 <
* Once downloaded, installing software

bug of the "briefcase"

Before any handling it is recommended to make a backup copy of your save files, they are normally found in the installation folder of the game C: \ program files (or programs) \ Microids \ Necronomicon, copy the files names begin with “Saved” (files .bin).

Then download this Pack: http://dl1.anuman.fr/patch/Patch save necro.zip
Open it with winzip (or whatever) and follow the instructions :

With old version, perhaps you must reinstall game :

- First, uninstall Necronomicon /!\

> Click on Start (Windows or symbol in the bottom left of your screen)
> My Computer (or Computer)
> Enter “Local Disk (C:)”
> Then enter in “Program files”
> Find the folder “Microids” (alphabetical order)
> In this case this is a subfolder called “Necronomicon”
> Please delete this folder, then reinstall your game
> Once reinstalled, place the backup in the directory of the game
> Play your game, then load the only part available.

With new version or Steam version, try to replace the save without uninstall and reinstall game, it's not necessary.

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