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 +====== Corsair ENG ======
 +====== Win 98+ Compatibility ======
 +Your version of game is not certified for new systems, and we can't replace it, but you can try this: \\ 
 +Explore the CDRom, apply the compatibility mode (see under) on Setup and launch install normaly: \\
 +Right click on the icon and go to Properties, then click the Compatibility tab \\ 
 +Check "Run this program in compatibility mode for" and select Windows 98 in the list. \\ 
 +Check also the box "Run this program in Administrator mode.  \\ 
 +Click To Apply and OK. \\ 
 +(If you receive an error message involving Uninstaller, continue the installation, but you can not normally uninstall the game, you have to use third party software to remove it from the PC, like CCleaner for example). \\ 
 +After install copy manually the 2 folders PRM and INTRO of CDRom in the game folder.  \\ 
 +Also, extract the attached zip in the game folder, you will find a new EXE file cors0403.exe, apply Win98 compatibility mode on it and launch it and if problem is solved always use this file to launch the game. \\ 
 +[[http://dl1.anuman.fr/patch/cors0403.7z]] \\ 
 +Also you can have information/solutions here, but in French :  \\ 
 +[[http://vlh256.free.fr/corsxp.htm]] \\ 
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