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 +To know your configuration, you can use the dxdiag program :  \\ 
 + \\ 
 +- From the Windows Task bar, click on START button \\ 
 +- Choose RUN from the drop down list that now appears \\
 +- Type DXDIAG in the command line window that opens, then click on OK button. - From the DirectX Diagnostic Tool \\ 
 +Once in the DirectX Diagnostic Tool, you have access to information about your configuration \\ 
 + You can also extract the data in text format via the "Save Information" at the bottom right \\
 + \\
 + You will be able to read your configuration and compare it with that required by the \\
 + \\
 + The System tab shows the CPU, Memory (RAM), the version of DirectX and the Operating System \\ 
 + The Display tab shows the name of the graphics card in the upper left, and version / date of the driver in the top right \\
 + The Sound tab for its part the sound card \\
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